ACE SEF review

What’s it all about?

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Let’s face it, we are a bit geeky about evaluation – but for good reason. We want us all to live and breathe the ‘plan, do, review’ cycle so that we can achieve better outcomes for our organisations and the people we work with.

This blog is our way of sharing our latest project – a review of Arts Council England’s Self-Evaluation Framework (SEF). The SEF is not a tool that is designed to trip up organisations or give Arts Council a way of monitoring the people they fund. It is genuinely designed to be a useful resource and a live practical tool to help us all do a better job.

We are particularly excited about involving as many people from the arts and cultural sector (you!) as possible to help us with this review. It needs to reflect what is going on out there and be designed in a way that we can all use it for our own benefit.

First up we will be conducting some research into other tools that are out there and what they offer that works well. Watch this space for more news on that front.

Then come the events…we are holding three full day workshops across the country for you to give us your views, test out some ideas and come away with some useful tips for you and your organisation. These will be free to attend and we promise to inject some energy into the subject.

In the meantime, if you want to get in touch then you can by emailing

More here very soon…..


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